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The online financing services are very common today: many customers, instead of going to the branches, first of all go on the internet and compare the offers and estimates of the banks and the financial institutions, before turning on a loan. So online loans are certainly very interesting and much sought after.


Findomestic online loans are extremely well known and common because this financial company, among the largest in Italy, offers a vast choice , so that everyone can find the product that suits their needs.

 Findomestic online loans are designed both for the purchase of cars, motorbikes, furniture, and for renovations of the house, for study, travel and holiday purposes. Findomestic online prepares a specific form based on the single type of financing to be obtained, with all the various possibilities and all the necessary explanations.


Flexible online personal loan


Flexible online personal loan

  • Findomestic is focusing a lot on web-based financing , having understood that today many customers prefer speed and simplicity in the request for small and medium-sized loans.

For several years Findomestic has activated a good flexible online personal loan called Come Voglio, which is designed especially for customers who repay the loan installments by means of direct credit on current account.

It is a flexible online financing especially because it consists of two options which are the installment jump and the installment change.


What is it about? From a first point of view, the Installment Change option allows the customer to change the repayment rate. You can ask once a month and never in the same month of the installment jump , where you opt for this possibility. The low / high installment is chosen at the beginning of the contract and then choosing the Installment Change option changes the amortization schedule.

Instead, the Salta Installment option allows you to skip the repayment of an installment, to be recovered at the end of the loan, for a maximum of three times throughout the duration of the amortization plan, to meet the customer’s needs.

Changes to the online loan are always free, and the first six months of repayment of the plan payments can be requested after the regular repayment.

  • The Findomestic Come loan allows online financing up to a sum of 60 thousand euros and a minimum monthly payment of 180 euros.

The duration of the plan ranges from a minimum of six months to a maximum of 120 months.

The installments are personalized and the TAN and APR rates are very affordable.